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12Popular TV Shows

Last updated: 09.3.20

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My mind boggles at the lost opportunity that TV is for small businesses and large brands alike. In any typical week, there would be a documentary, show or series on TV that may be related to your business. And if it’s not related, you could easily manipulate the content to be relevant. Take for example a law firm specialising in trademarks and patents. They could easily piggyback on popular investment shows such as Dragons Den, and build a “Complete Guide to Protecting your Trademark before going on Dragons Den“.

Some ideas to use TV shows to bolster your content marketing are below.


It is one of the easiest things to give a commentary on a TV show, and with a bit of work you are more than likely to find an employee, a friend, or a relative that is a fan of the show that may be willing to give you their opinion which you can convert into content for your blog or site.


A review is another thing that may be easy to pull off – the difference between a review and a commentary is that the review considers the entertainment value to the viewer. A commentary looks at content of the show.  It’s not surprising that large TV review sites are now million pound businesses. Take Rotten Tomatoes for instant – a massive brand – built on reviews. Well you could do the same for your niche and become the hub for TV show reviews related to your business.


You can’t agree with everything on TV and some people somewhere may be interested in reading about WHY a particular show is bad, rubbish or utter waste of time. On the other hand even diehard fans could be interested in arguing why you are wrong – whichever way you look at it, there is always an audience to refutations of popular shows.


Unlike the controversial refutation, support posts are more likely to attract diehard fans who you may be able to align with your brand. It’s a safer strategy to building content, but can get a bit boring if not done right.

Overview / synopsis

If you want to take a shortcut, a simple overview and synopsis may be a good way to build a bank of content around a show – and often enough you can even get Youtube clips of important moments and embed them in, along with maybe stills of the show to make the piece look much more content heavy than it really is.

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