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Last updated: 09.3.20

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Do you remember that Queensland campaign about getting the best job in the world? Well, thats an extreme example of how well a recruitment campaign can be used as part of not only a content marketing, but a complete advertising campaign. And it isnt the only other clever recruitment campaign either – the Apprentice started off as a serious search for someone to work for Lord Alan Sugar.

We know that most brands cant go to those lengths, but there is no reason why clever usage of recruitment cant be used as part of a content strategy. Malcolm Coles once caught the robots.txt file of the Daily Mail advertising SEO positions.

And a number of jobsites have put out some very clever adverts:

You can always have fun with recruitment adverts, regardless of your niche. Some of these will go viral, getting you better job applications, while some will gain you links. The key is to get the right message, and the right distribution strategy, pretty much like any other content marketing.

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